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Get Ready for Summer Love with Some Tips

Get Ready for Summer Love with Some Tips


It’s that time of year where spring is in the air and summer love is on the horizon. 

We all love a great love story and hot, summer love is a fan favorite. 

We will discuss summer love ideas on how to stay cool while it heats up, body love and confidence, and a frequent fan favorite question – shaving tips! 


How To Stay Cool When It is Hot!

Literally and figuratively, we think about staying cool during the summer. Summer love is no different. 

On most days, I ask my clients to drink HALF their body weight (in lbs) in ounces of water daily. In the summer, you may need more. Add ice and a straw and keep drinking if you are dehydrated.

Dress in less layers, just like you would on the equator. There isn’t shame in keeping your body temperature regulated. 


Body Confidence – From 0 to 100

Do a body scrub to get your skin exfoliated. Add a little lotion and sunblock when you head outdoors, and this will help you caretake your skin! 

For those of you who have gained covid weight, it’s important to let your confidence lead. Honestly, no matter what your summer love body shape, be gracious in how you talk to yourself. It is easier said than done, yet you can practice this by using positive affirmations. 

Here are some examples: 

  • I enjoy the summer, and my body allows me to enjoy the heat
  • I love how I look in sunglasses
  • Bright clothes help me feel happier 

Those are just some examples of numerous positive body summer loving ideas you can say to yourself. 

Also, move your body when it feels comfortable. If this isn’t enough, please seek professional assistance


To Shave or Not in the Summer

Summer heat brings us sensual questions about hair! 

About a decade ago, smooth skin was known as the ultimate pleasure for a hot, sticky day. If you recall, Brazilian wax salons and sugar-ing places started popping up all over the United States of America. 

At first, we all giggled at the thought of ripping hair off vulvas, testicles, and other body parts. Similarly, waxing scenes of removing underarm, chest, and pubic hair played in movies as a joke. It isn’t a joke now though.

Body hair is discussed and thought about by many individuals. 

HAVING HAIR IS NOT A CAUSALITY! Hair actually has its own character, and the way it is styled (or our head or our body) is important to whoever wears it. This is what matters. 

Do what feels right for your comfort with your hair and do not let others dictate it for you! 

These are some of the best tips we have for hot, sizzling summer love! 

If you need more help, watch our body image webinar

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