Tantric Sex

A Virtual Tantric Sex Weekend

A Virtual Tantric Sex Weekend


Why would you explore tantric sex at an online location like zoom? That’s SO weird.

Well… most people are finding their information about sexuality from pornography anyway. 

In the USA… recent statistics show that only 22 out of 50 states require health ed. And of those 22 states, only 17 are required to provide accurate info. That is actually terrifying. 

A weekend of sex, cave dwelling, exploring erotic fantasies, and moving the darkness of our self from the subconscious to the conscious! 

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” – Carl Jung

It makes sense given this cultural climate. I continue to hope that people wake up the societal notions that we “assume” as real that are actually just sociological ideologies. 

This weekend, at the Shadows and Light Virtual tantra festival, shattering cultural myths was at the center of the 3-day online weekend retreat. 

No matter HOW OLD people are, they are lacking sexual information… and information that is focused on mind-body connection and courage. 


So What Do You Learn at a Tantric Sex Weekend? 

Tantric Sex

Presenters from all over the world were sharing their knowledge while volunteers, like myself, provided emotional support to those participants that were diving deep.

When in a workshop like this, you are at choice, yet sometimes, it feels safe to know you have someone in the room that will be there for a private message. 

From virtual dating, to energy play, to sacred sensual dance, to meditation and yoga… the virtual retreat had everything you could imagine. 

The secret of tantric sex lies in putting aside the urgency of orgasm, and concentrating on thoughtful and delicate movements. 

Tantric sex is about using your entire body, your hands especially, your breath, and your mind. 

Therefore, even a simple, yet constant present mind awareness of asking yourself “am I breathing” acts as a strategy to enable you to melt into yourself. 

In the practice of tantric sex and shadow work, there is nothing more important than connecting with your breath, your voice, and your sensations. 

Taking notice of making sounds consciously with your voice! Sounds are also stimulating, such as a whisper, sigh, moan, cry and scream.


Tantric Sex Questions To Consider: 

  • How do I communicate in a sexual way with my body? 
  • How do I communicate in a sexual way with others? 
  • What does the sound you make during tantric sex, or any sex, say about your experience with your pleasure?


When Someone Shares their Sex Story With You, Respond By Saying: 

  • I believe you
  • I honor your experience
  • I witness your strength
  • I thank you for your bravery


Virtual Tantric Sex Dating Practices: 

  • Instead of focusing on Duration of your relationship —> Focus on going DEEP! 
  • Instead of focusing on Attraction of others to you  —> Focus on your own authentic sense of Self-Expression and have your tribe find you. 
  • Instead of focusing on Sacrifice for your partner  —> Focus on Supporting your own sense of Self-Care, so others do not have to take care of you.


Online Shadow Festival for Tantric Sex – My Takeaways:

  • Learn to build intimacy from self to self (and with others)
  • Ignite your pleasure centers by touching them with your hands
  • Improve communication by practicing it in a conscious way
  • Share in a way where others are supportive 
  • Challenge societal norms by noticing what Disney and pop culture frames as the “norm” within your romantic relationships
  • Practice consent instead of giving up, giving in, or overgiving


If you have any questions about a virtual tantric sex weekend, feel free to ask! 

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Tantric Sex

What is Tantric Sex?

Many people think that tantric sex is similar to “Kama Sutra”, but it has nothing to do with it.


The “Kama Sutra” is a book with a series of sexual postures, and tantric sex refers to the practice of Tantra, which is a philosophy and method from India that enhances the sexual experience.


Tantric sex practice is not based on ejaculation as the milestone, but on feeling and asking for what you want. It is about women having the highest number of orgasms possible and men enduring ejaculation so that they can last as long as they want to during sex.


“Sex is the door to something powerful and mystical,” said American filmmaker David Lynch, but for some, it’s just a repetitive ‘get-out’ that has no other intention than to achieve a passing orgasm.


tantric sex

The secret of tantric sex lies in putting aside the urgency of orgasm, and concentrating on thoughtful and delicate movements. It is about using the whole body and mind, and having a constant and patient strategy to enable a couple to melt together slowly.


Caressing and being caressed stimulates the senses. Each “conscious touch” such as blowing, licking, and sucking the part of the body that your partner likes can be a drop of fullness, just like kissing. Sounds are also very stimulating, such as a whisper, sigh, moan, cry and scream.


In the practice of conscious love, there is nothing more important than connecting with the eyes, which transmit compassion, mischief, pleasure and complicity.


The most important thing about sexual positions and movements is that they are comfortable and allow a couple to express tenderness or excitement. Forward, backward, up or down – everything is valid.


Tantric sex does not have a gender specificity. Tantra seeks fullness and advises men to explore their feminine side and women to find their masculine qualities. An example is the representation of Shiva-Shakti, the creator god and the supreme energy of creation. In the Khajuraho temples you can see figures of men having relationships with men and women having sex with women.


In conventional sex, a man feels an orgasm and simultaneously ejaculates, but in tantric sex he does not ejaculate so he can continue with the sexual act. This is possible with self-control and concentration. A man has to train his body in order to gain this level of self control. Some tips for self control include:

  • Strengthening the Pubococcygeus muscle (the one that surrounds the pelvic area)
  • Practice and understand what your “point of no return” is
  • Control your breathing


In this way, it is possible for a man to have a controlled orgasm so he can continue with the sexual act for a longer period of time.


How to practice tantric sex?


Tantric sex creates connections and teaches a new way of making love, so being nervous and trying to feel immediate pleasure will only be a distraction.


There are 7 key steps, which you and your partner can control:


1. Prepare the Environment


Start by preparing a welcoming and stimulating environment to create a quiet and calm moment for both of you to share.

  • Dim the lights in the room.
  • Have a subtle aroma that you both like.
  • Play very soft music.
  • Remove anything that can interrupt or distract, such as a mobile phone.


2. Breathe


Breathing is very important since it allows the connection between two people to be extended.

  • Begin by becoming aware of each other’s breathing until you can hear it as if it were one.
  • Keep the same rhythm of breathing throughout the entire practice of tantric sex.


3. Observe


Allow yourself to observe and be observed.

  • While sitting facing each other and breathing in a single rhythm, look into each other’s eyes.
  • It is normal to feel embarrassed or awkward at first, but try not to lower your eyes or start laughing.
  • Keep your gaze fixed on each other for as long as possible.


4. Feel


Integrate the sense of touch.

  • Caress each other and feel the body of your partner.
  • Make stimulating massage motions.
  • Stop at parts of the body that you haven’t discovered before, and take your time to touch and feel without losing the rhythm of your breathing.
  • Allow yourself to enjoy all those sensations that appear throughout the body and see how they increase. Each kiss and caress is much greater, because you are both present in the moment.


5. Trust


This is the point when you can open up more and trust your partner.

  • Close your eyes and let yourself be carried away by him/her
  • Trust what your partner does so that you can enjoy this experience with total freedom and achieve mutual balance.


6. Forget the time


Live in the moment and don’t think about the time.

  • With tantric sex, excitement should increase progressively and not quickly or
  • Don’t anticipate ejaculation as in traditional sex.
  • It is very important that you give yourself the time to feel all the stimulations in each part of the body, and be very aware of each sensation.
  • It possible to experience non-genital orgasms that feel more like a whole-body orgasm.


7. Dance


You must allow your bodies to dance in perfect balance, moving at your own pace until your bodies create this momentum.


Try these 7 tantric sex steps and enjoy the experience!


Tantric Sex Health Benefits


There are a lot of health benefits when it comes to tantric sex. The practice of this method will positively affect the chemistry of your brain. These are some of the healthy hormones and chemicals released by the endocrine glands during positive sexual experiences:


  • Oxytocin: The “cuddle hormone”, oxytocin may be conditioned to release after a pattern of sex with the same lover has been established. This is what we think of as a “chemical attraction” or “having chemistry” with another person.


  • Human Growth Hormone (HGH): A natural growth hormone that helps maintain the health of tissues and organs, smoothing the skin, and increasing vitality, energy, and resilience. No wonder HGH is sometimes referred to as the “Fountain of Youth.”


  • Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA): This hormone functions as the precursor in the development of sexual hormones – estrogen in women and testosterone in men.


  • Serotonin: The “happy” neurotransmitter helps regulate mood and feelings associated with wellbeing, sexuality, and appetite. It is also a natural sleep aid.


In conclusion, the benefits achieved with the simple yet powerful tantric sex variation include sexual and relationship rejuvenation, increased vitality, and also the destruction of various “taboos”. We invite you to let your curiosity guide you and enjoy this great technique.


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