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Couples Sex is Unique!

Couples Sex is Unique!


Couples sex is unique to each partnership, and often important!

The thing is couples sex varies in your lifetime between you and a partner. 

Couples sex vary by individuals desires, yet we can agree it is often when both individuals are pleased and the relationship is thriving and growing. 

If you’re not in the habit of discussing couples sex, why not give it a try? 

For couples sex enhancements… continue reading! 

Step 1: Go to google drive, and start a shared drive with your partner(s)! 

There’s something magical about writing down your hopes and fantasies. 

They tend to come true! 


Step 2: Plan Ahead! 

  • Plan a weekly date night – for sex! 
  • Plan another night for talking about maintenance conversations
    • What do we have to buy? 
    • Is something broken in the house? 
    • Bills? Changes? Requests? 


Step 3: Work on yourself because growing is attractive! 

  • Experience vulnerability – a major component in intimacy. 
  • Learn about your own body and pleasure in solo sex!


Step 4: Support your partner by using reflective listening!

  • What I think I hear you saying is _____. Is that close?


Step 5: Don’t blame your partner! 

  • Couples sex is better when we as a couple are co creating with the world. 
  • We are not in charge of the world… yet we get to be in charge of what we say, think, and even prune and develop. 


If nothing else, use your imagination and fantasies you would like to try to make new couples sex experiences. Ask yourself: does my inner _____ (Stripper) really vibe with your inner _____ (Romantic). 

Maybe… or maybe not. 

It is good to know that those two are not going to enjoy showing up together in life or in the bedroom. 

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