Couple’s Sex Toys Everyone Needs To Know About

Couple’s Sex Toys Everyone Needs To Know About


If you’re in a relationship, finding a few couple’s sex toys might bring that fun to the sheets you both were looking to regain. After all, it’s a small investment that brings incredible benefits to your sexual health and wellness. If you’re assuming that sex toys are not what you two need to spice things up and just unwind after a long day. Maybe this article will change your mind. 

We are used to spending hundreds of dollars on a treadmill, a new juicer, or anything else we believe that might benefit us in any way, so why not do the same when it comes to sex? Regardless of what you’re looking for in bed, you will easily find a toy that can help you turn each of your fantasies into a reality. 

Once you and your partner agree on this investment, the toy hunt can begin. You will find a wide range of toys designed specifically for women, men, or even both. Many toys out there even have a diverse use, so you can truly make the most of them. And start experimenting with different types of sexual pleasure with your partner.

To help you make the right choice, you will find the best sex toys for couples currently on the market and tips on how to use them for maximum fun!

#1 Magic Wand Original

How can you expect to do some between-the-sheets magic without a magic wand? Many are saying it is their favorite vibrator. And what’s even more surprising is that this Hitachi Magic Wand has been on the market for over 50 years. It has two speeds, low and high, and is a great option for different pleasurable uses for both women and men. 

The Magic Wand Original comes with a 2.5-inch soft head and is completely bendable. All you have to do is to choose between the two speeds and this magic wand will help you relieve any type of stress you might have. With your partner, you can use its good vibrations to heat up the things between you two. And give each other the sensations of your lifetime.

#2 We-Vibe Sync

This vibrator prouds itself to be the number one vibrator for couples. We-Vibe Sync is a cuff-shaped vibrator. And its top is shaped like a pancake ensuring it stimulates the clitoral part and a smaller vibrator that stimulates the G-spot while the couple is having sex.

The great thing about it is that the cuff will stay in the desired position preventing the device from slipping in and out during sex. If you and your partner are looking for sex toys that can be used in a pool or ocean. You’ll definitely want We-Vibe Sync as it’s completely waterproof. 

#3 We-Vibe Couples Massager

If you prefer stimulation over penetration, you will love the We-Vibe Couples Massager! It’s created to bring a lot of clitoral stimulation to partners with a vagina. The reason why this toy is so popular with heterosexual couples is that it can be used at any moment before. During. And even after sex. 

You can use it as a tool for foreplay. Yet it can be perfect once you and your partner have both achieved orgasm. And you wish to start the second round. Nothing will get you going like a good, stimulative sex toy that both of you can use.

#4 Vesper Necklace

Okay, you will probably not be encouraged to walk around with the sex toy you and your partner just bought, right? What if that sex toy seemed like an elegant piece of jewelry hanging around your neck? Vesper Necklace is such a sex toy you’ll love to wear and it can also serve as a great conversation starter with new people. 

Choose between three colors and three suggestive phrases to be engraved on the necklace for a more personalized touch. And, once the vibrations of this beauty kick in. You and your sexual partner can drop any conversation you were having and go straight into the action.


#5 Trojan Vibrating Fingertip Personal Massager

If you enjoy the sensation of vibration, yet would prefer avoiding toys that are created for penetration. This toy is the right choice for you. The famous preservative company Trojan has designed an exciting vibrating fingertip massager that will go beyond your lover’s touch. With it, the couples can enjoy the boost of high-sensory titillation while at the same time staying connected. 

Its simple design allows you to create layers of excitement with just your hand going from one part of your partner’s body to another. Including the erogenous zone and genitals. This personal massager is perfect for foreplay and during sex as it creates a complete explosion of pleasure!

#6 Starsi Silicone Rechargeable Waterproof Vibrator By Cute Little Fuckers

This is truly a unisex toy, as it can be used by anybody, any gender, and orientation, and on any part of the body. This interesting sex toy can be used over the nipples, vulva, penis, neck, or anywhere else where you think there will be beneficial and provide pleasure to you or your partner. 

Based on the idea that our entire bodies are covered in nerve endings. This little star will blow your mind as it touches your skin and moves around with your partner guiding it. Explore each other’s bodies and find an erogenous zone where you never thought it exists.

#7 Lovehoney Happy Rabbit Vibrating Cock Ring

If you’re into sex toys, you have probably already tried one of the rings on the market. However, there is nothing like this little rabbit. It will add stimulation during sex with your partner and because of the base of the vibrating part. It brings incredible clitoris stimulation.

With its bunny ears, this sex toy definitely has some charm you’ll need to explore further. What’s interesting to most couples is that this ring can be used with a remote. So the partner who is wearing it can control the buzz of the ring. 


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