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5 Ways to Decrease Orgasm Anxiety – For All Genders

5 Ways to Decrease Orgasm Anxiety – For All Genders


Orgasm anxiety happens all the time at work, on stages, sales pitches, and a million other meetings where something’s on the line. We all react to pressure differently.

For many reasons, a lot of people experience this kind of stage fright when it comes to sexual encounters. Maybe it’s happened to you before. You meet someone you’re interested in, things click, you progress along the intimacy scale, and eventually find yourselves in bed together.

Suddenly, when it’s time to “shine,” you can’t pull it off and orgasm anxiety spikes. 

Your partner assures you that it’s no big deal. 

Still, it’s awkward all the same. 

Don’t agonize too much over it, as we’ve all been there.

Orgasm anxiety is a real thing, and it’s not always what you think. 

Unfortunately, there’s a stigma around failure to orgasm. 

For some people, it threatens to shatter the image they portray of masculinity or femininity. Often, we EXPECT the person we are with to be more like a porn star than a human. 

Sex without orgasm can also be taken as a signal that you weren’t, “into it”, and your partner will quietly wonder if a rejection is on the horizon. Sex is a complicated, messy ice cream sundae, and orgasms are the cherry on top.

orgasm anxiety

Sexing While Stressing

Your mind can be your worst enemy when it comes to sex. You can hype yourself too much or psych yourself out of the moment. All of a sudden, we find ourselves in the middle of a pandemic. People initially thought being stuck at home would trigger a huge baby boom. Everyone would be having massive amounts of sex!

The evidence indicates the opposite is happening. People are losing their jobs, worried about markets, and watching people they love fall ill. Everyone’s stressed out, and no one’s having sex.

While we’re all justifiably worried about what’s next, we must control what we can in our immediate circles. Sex, of course, is a proven stress-reliever. It can help you lower blood pressure and release endorphins to lift your mood and improve your health.

Overcoming orgasm anxiety will help you feel better about initiating sex and enjoy it more while it’s happening. Here are five ways to decrease orgasm anxiety you can try.


  1.   Take It Slow

Have you ever been watching porn when the first clip you come across is just the one? The people are beautiful, the scene looks great, it’s amateur porn and that’s what you’re into.

You start doing your thing, trying to get there, and you just can’t. No matter how hard or fast you go, you can’t get over the mountain.

When you’re anxious about having an orgasm, you’re more likely to try and come quickly. For that to happen, though, the conditions need to be right.

You’re better off controlling the pace and using a slow build to reach climax. The slower you go, the less you have to force it. Your body does the talking for you.


  1. Use a Toy, a Hand, a Mouth, and/or All of the Above

Whoever was handing out the orgasm awards in heaven wasn’t fair. Some people come super easy, and for others, it takes a lot of work. Vaginal orgasms are different than clitoral orgasms and orgasms triggered with anal sex.

Some people can only come when you go down on them, and for others, a vibrator is a must. Don’t get stuck in the self-defeating thinking that you’re broken if you can’t come a certain way. Have fun finding out what makes you cum!

Go on a shopping spree and buy a bunch of lube, vibrators, plugs, and other sex toys and experiment!

For a lot of people, orgasms take a bit of hand stimulation, some oral sex, and then a little of the old-fashioned type to get off. What’s wrong with that?

Orgasm Anxiety


  1. Work with Your Therapist

Meet with a sex therapist to work on mechanisms you can use during sex to decrease anxiety. A lot of our clients who have trouble orgasms struggle with mental blocks that prevent climax. It’s not so much that they aren’t being stimulated correctly, it’s that they are stopping themselves from enjoying it.

If you’re thinking about how you look, what your partner is doing, the laundry that needs to be done or whatever else, you may be subconsciously stopping the urge to orgasm. Every individual is, of course, different, and a lot of times distraction during sex is a coping mechanism that deals with whatever hang-ups or anxiety you’re feeling.

A good therapist can help you establish the right mindset before sex and fight back when anxiety starts to creep in.


  1. Talk to a Doctor

If you struggle to orgasm, it could be a medical issue. I mean, sexual performance drugs were invented for a reason. There was enough demand that pharmaceutical companies developed the medications.

Just like stress can impact your sexual performance, so can medications you take, weight issues, and depression. Talk to your doctor to see if there’s something you can do to decrease your sexual anxiety without putting your health at risk.


  1. Practice!

We’re all in quarantine whether we like it or not, right? Make the effort and shake the dust off. One of the best ways to decrease anxiety related to any activity is to do it over and over again.

“So, what you’re saying is that I should masturbate and have sex as much as I can to decrease orgasm anxiety?” 100% YES!

Having an orgasm, for most people, is like building a house of cards. You have to spend time building a foundation that will get you to the top. A couple of wrong moves during the process will send everything tumbling down.

You need to know what it takes to set the groundwork for a fast orgasm, a delayed orgasm, multiple orgasms, intense orgasms, and however many other types of orgasms there are. Learn your body in and out.

Tell your partner where you want them to touch you. You aren’t there to sit silently while they try to figure things out! Give them a hand and have fun doing it together. Hopefully, it will make our time at home together more entertaining. A little exercise never hurt either.


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