Sex Techniques For Your First Time

Sex Techniques For Your First Time


So learning a few sex techniques for your first time before it occurs might help you to enjoy the moment and connect with your sexual partner. You will probably feel a bit of fear, and that’s completely okay. We all feel a certain amount of fear when faced with experiencing something unknown to us. Instead of focusing on fear, you will need to build your knowledge and confidence with valuable sex techniques.

Don’t worry, nobody expects you to be perfect. All you have to do is make sure you have all you need to feel good and comfortable before, during, and after intercourse. Many people without sexual experience will have too many thoughts running through their minds, so we’ve decided to calm your mind down and help you feel more confident about your first time with our best sex techniques. 

What Happens In My Body During Sex?

Before we unravel a list of techniques that will make your first time a pleasant experience, let’s look at what happens in one’s body when they are having sex so you can know what to expect. One thing that’s important to know is that nobody, not even your family or friends, will be able to tell you had sex unless you tell them. 

There are no visible signs that others can see that will make them know you had your first sexual experience. During sex, on the other hand, you will experience a lot of sensations, and many of them for the first time in your life. You might start breathing heavily, sweat a lot, or your skin could become flushed. That might happen to every individual, regardless of their gender, yet it’s more common for people with a vagina as the vulva become swollen during sex due to higher blood flow. Once the intercourse has finished, the body will go back to normal, similar it does when you are exercising.

Another thing that individuals with a vagina need to be aware of is the possibility of bleeding. That occurs because of the hymen stretching, yet it’s completely normal, and you shouldn’t get scared. For individuals with a penis, before the intercourse itself, they will feel an erection once they start feeling sexually excited. Once the sexual activity is completed, they might or might not orgasm and ejaculate.

Sex Techniques

Now that you know what to expect in your first sexual experience, let’s look at the sex techniques that will help you enjoy the sex and feel comfortable with your sex partner, regardless of your gender.

#1 Get To Know Your Partner

Getting to know your sexual partner before sex will increase the chances of feeling pleasure and orgasm at the end. Not to mention that having someone you know and trust helps in unknown situations like this one. Being able to talk and share your feelings and concerns will help you connect. This will also allow you both to feel less pressure of doing everything perfectly, and stopping the sexual activity if you need to. 

#2 Find a Cozy Place

You might have seen a lot of movie scenes where couples have sex in their car, yet this is not the right place for your first time. The reason for it is that it’s incredibly uncomfortable, so you will not be able to relax at all. Also, doing it in a car means you will probably be in a parking lot and someone can see you, which is not a memory you want for your first time. Instead, find a cozy place like your room, your partner’s room, or any other place that will give you the space and time you need to dedicate yourself to each other. 

#3 Don’t Skip Foreplay

Skipping foreplay is not something you’d like to do for your first sexual experience. Although you might be nervous and think it’s best to start sooner than later, foreplay smooths the transition into the sex and allows you and your sex partner to explore each other’s bodies and heat things up. Start taking your partner’s clothes off, kiss their lips and neck, touch them, put their hands on your body, etc. Don’t overthink it and just go with the flow. 

#4 Penetration Should Be Slow

Whether you’re using a penis or a sex toy during intercourse, if there’s penetration involved, it should be slow. After all, whether you’re a giver or a receiver, it will be a completely new sensation for you, and accelerating things might bring physical pain or discomfort. Instead, take time when the penetration is happening. Help yourself with saliva or a lubricant as it will make the penetration less uncomfortable and allow you and your partner to enjoy sex without anything bothering or limiting you. 

#5 Protect Yourself And Your Partner

Your first time will involve you and another person. Being aware of sexual health is incredibly important as it can affect your partner, not just yourself. You will need to be informed about sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and the possibility of pregnancy. To protect yourself from it, you will need to use protection and contraception. When talking about these two terms, keep in mind that a contraceptive pill or similar methods of contraception only protect you from unwanted pregnancy, and not from STIs. The only way to ensure you or your partner doesn’t get an STI will be with a condom.

In Conclusion

It’s quite important to prepare for your first sexual experience. This includes talking to your partner and becoming intimate before the intercourse, learning about what reactions our bodies have when we’re having sex, different sex styles, and positions, and most importantly, always being aware of protection. It might seem overwhelming to you at first, yet it will take some time until you feel completely comfortable. 

That’s why it’s important not to put too much pressure on yourself and talk openly to your sex partner about your thoughts and concerns. Don’t expect it to be like in movies as all these scenes are staged and played by professional actors. A real-life experience isn’t perfect and that is what makes it so valuable!

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