How to Become a Sex Therapist

How to Become a Sex Therapist


Have you ever wondered how to become a sex therapist? 

This profession is becoming increasingly popular, mainly because more and more individuals are struggling with intimacy in some way. Unsurprisingly, the demand for sex therapists internationally is soaring. 

When people struggle with intimacy or sex, it can lead to psychological issues or to harm in relationships. Many individuals are looking for help in the form of sex therapy to create or reestablish a healthy connection with passion. 

In this blog, we discuss what a sex therapist is, how to become a sex therapist, and the wide range of options for sex therapists.

Sex Therapist Definition 

Sex therapists are licensed mental health professionals who discuss sexuality and intimacy in a way that allows clients to resolve issues related to their sexual lives. In a permission-based, shame-free environment, sex therapy could be the first time someone has the chance to know themselves.

A sex therapist’s job may include identifying and treating sexual dysfunction, as well as assisting individuals to be more inquisitive about their sensual lives. 

During sex therapy, there is no physical contact made between clients and sex therapists. This profession requires specialized training and ongoing education. Also, it may involve getting a license and finishing a predetermined number of hours of on-the-job training.

Clients who are struggling with their identity, body dysmorphia, trauma, dysfunctions, mismatched sexual libido in couples, different desire for erotic flavors of sexuality, or even those with compulsive or problematic sexual behavior often want to talk to a sex therapist. 

How to Become a Sex Therapist

Before obtaining American Association for Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT) accreditation, you can start a career as a counselor or therapist by following these recommendations:

Master’s Degree

The minimal educational need to be a sex therapist is a master’s degree, regardless of where you live in the United States. Sex therapists help their clients navigate sexual concerns and dysfunction that can lead to intensive therapy. Therefore, one must have a master’s level understanding of their skill-set if you want to learn how to become a sex therapist. 

Doctoral Degree

Although it is not required, a higher level of education like a doctorate can improve your chances of success if you are interested in the significance of having a title. 

In-depth training for clinical sexology is also available to those who want to know how to become a sex therapist. 

Licensing Requirements

States have different licensing requirements for mental health professionals who wish to perform therapy. The majority of states require that mental health workers receive a license of some kind, that they renew yearly. Read up online what your state requirements are and your country’s ethical codes. 

The standards for certifying mental health therapists and counselors vary by state. Usually there is an exam and a certain amount of hours post degree that you must have. 

A clinician must hold a valid mental health professional license in the state or states in which they intend to practice before becoming a Certified Sex Therapist. 

Sex Therapist Skills

Remember that sex therapists use these crucial techniques and talents while assisting partnerships as you continue your studies and training:

  • Knowledge of family systems theories and practices
  • Reflective listening
  • Interpersonal communication skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Nuanced perspectives
  • Innovative practices that are identity-affirmative
  • Trauma-informed modalities 

You must learn to be objective and warm if you want to work as a sex therapist that gets results for your clients. Sex therapists typically must have strong therapeutic rapport and the capacity to instruct clients with at-home practices outside of the office.

Sex Therapy Session

As a sex therapist, you will hold sex therapy sessions for your clients. While some people choose to come with their partners, others prefer to attend sessions alone. When a client decides to come with a partner or partners, it is important that both partners feel they are in a safe space where they can share how they feel in the relationship. How long sessions will last or how often clients will visit their therapist will often depend on their schedule and preferences and the nature of the treated problem. 

Each topic is handled with care, and both the therapist and the client work together to achieve unique sexual objectives, whether it be problems related to early ejaculation, low libido or mismatched libidos between partners, performance anxiety, menopause, etc.

Sex therapy is a type of talk therapy in which the client’s problems are discussed while sitting in a room. The therapist will constantly work to foster a judgment-free zone that is supportive of healthy sex. Feeling nervous upon seeing a sex therapist, especially the first time, is very natural.

It can be difficult at first to talk about intimate topics with someone you don’t know. Therapists are training in this though, especially when discussing intimacy. 

In Final Words

So now, you know how to become a sex therapist and you can launch your career by checking out AASECT. Also, keep in mind that there are specializations to check out. 

How to become a sex therapist is a life worth seeking if you value pleasure, passion, and intimacy. 

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