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Celebrity Therapist: Helping Famous People to Have a Better Life

Celebrity Therapist: Helping Famous People to Have a Better Life


You’ve probably seen something about famous people going to a celebrity therapist if you watch television. Read publications, or browse the internet. You may wonder what makes celebrity therapists so great and how they differ from a therapist you or your friends are seeing on a regular basis.

In this article, we bring you everything you ever wanted to know about therapy for celebrities. Find out the most common issues for famous people and how they learn new techniques to manage their personal and professional lives better.

What Is a Celebrity Therapist?

As a celebrity therapist in ‘Darcey and Stacey’ a reality show about the life of these twin sisters and other high-profile executives internationally, I think the best way to describe my role is as someone who understands the challenges and issues a famous person faces and helps them acquire practical techniques to become happier, healthier, and more fulfilled in their lives.

Because they are under the spotlight, celebrities will struggle with a range of issues. From their ego affecting negatively their decisions and relationships to feeling unworthy or without the right to complain about their issues. Undoubtedly, fame brings a set of situations that are untypical for people who are not under the public’s eye. For example, a celebrity will need to face their business failures in front of everyone and the media will exhaustively report about it. Their personal problems are also under the spotlight. A famous actress or singer who is going through her divorce will often not be able to do it privately and allow herself to feel sad and grieve.

What I Learnt From Working with Celebrities

Famous people are humans too, and that is something we all need to remind ourselves of every now and then. We shouldn’t feel amused reading about someone’s heartbreak, affair, poor business decision, etc. If you and I can make mistakes and have our internal struggles, so can celebrities. 

There are many things I learned from being a celebrity therapist that can be an eye opener to all of us. 

1. Humanizing Celebrities 

If someone is an excellent actor, do we really need to know about their love life? We should treat famous people by the way they do their job, not by the way they are in a sphere we’re not included in. They have every right to feel things we all feel on a daily basis. And, more importantly, be treated as humans in every situation. This often means talking to a therapist that provides them with a safe space where they can be who they are, and not who the world is expecting them to be. 

2. Compassion

In celebrity therapy, compassion is everything. As therapists, we are not part of the celebrity world and we probably haven’t experienced most of the situations troubling our patients. However, therapists don’t need to experience everything to be good at what they do. You don’t have to experience family betrayal or infidelity to be able to help your client. Your compassion and therapeutic skillset allow you to understand your client and think of ways that will help them heal from a certain situation.

Celebrity therapy is not about working with famous people. Yet it is about giving them the same amount of attention and care you would give to the next person. After all, clients can easily pick up if they are not heard or treated with the respect they deserve.

3. Building Trust & Self Esteem

Before anything, a celebrity therapist will need to build trust with their client. Just because their team or a colleague has highly recommended you don’t mean that you don’t have to establish a relationship with your client first. Another trap that I noticed many celebrity therapists fall into is expecting they already have trustworthy relationships with their famous clients just because they know a lot about them from the media, Facebook, and Instagram.

After the trust is established between the therapist and the client, it’s time to strip down all the expectations everyone has from the client, maybe even including you. Your client will probably need to work on their self-esteem to understand who they are and what they actually want, instead of thinking about everyone else. 

4. Creating Healthy Boundaries

Sometimes, you can even experience that your famous patient unintentionally doesn’t respect your time or space. For instance, they might call you late at night to ask for advice or come into your office although you haven’t scheduled a session with them. Setting boundaries is crucial in the healing process like therapy. Even our non-celebrity clients need to be reminded of this often. 

Because celebrities are surrounded by their team of professionals, they might start treating their therapists as one as well. However, this only means you need to help them understand that as much as they appreciate their job, they should do the same with yours. This can also help them have better relationships with other people they work with and have more empathy for everyone around them. 

5. Curiosity Is Not Listening

What differentiates the celebrity therapist from the one working with non-celebrity clients is that they need to eliminate completely their curiosity and focus only on listening. The time in therapy is when the client talks about what is important to them, and not you or anyone else. For instance, a recent business failure can trigger childhood traumas that the client wants to address in therapy. Healing is a process that is guided by you as a therapist. Yet you should never pressure someone into talking about something they are not ready to address. 

Celebrity therapists must be really good listeners because it might be difficult for a famous person to trust someone who is new in their life. That is why it takes patience to give the client exactly what they need from the therapy. The better you listen, the easier they will open up, and talk about the real reasons for seeing you. Make sure that they feel safe with you and it will turn into a valuable experience for both of you. 

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