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Text Therapy

Text Therapy: What Is It & How It Works

Text Therapy: What Is It & How It Works


You use your smartphone for most things in your life, yet did you know that your phone can also serve you for text therapy? In recent years, especially during and after the pandemic, we’ve started using our phones as tools to reach out for help and communicate with therapists and mental health professionals about our issues. 

If you haven’t tried it yet, you probably want to know everything about text therapy. Can you get some value from reaching out to someone via text? How efficient is it to talk about things bothering you and receive advice in textual format? We bring you all information below. 

How does Text Therapy Work? 

If you’re interested in trying text therapy, you’ve probably stumbled upon an ad on social media or heard a recommendation of a text therapist from a close person. To start with the text therapy, you will need to answer a few questions helping the central service match you with a therapist that can offer the type of support you need. Sometimes, you will even be able to choose your therapist based on their description. 

Most text therapy services provide text messaging without limitations, while others also offer audio and video chat, yet expect to pay a bit more for this service. One of the most valuable benefits of such therapy is that clients can text their therapists anytime. Your therapist may not respond to you immediately, especially in late-night or early morning hours, however, they will respond to you within 24 hours. 

Clients can also ask for a live text session, which allows them to exchange texts with their chosen therapist in real-time. This can be quite handy when you want to bring up issues and feelings that are occurring at that moment. Another thing about text therapy is that it provides complete privacy, just like in-person therapy. You don’t have to worry about your identifying details being revealed or shared with a third party.

What Is the Cost of Text Therapy?

The cost of your text therapy will greatly depend on your chosen platform and the additional services or fees it includes. In general, you will pay less than you would for in-person therapy, however, prices can vary significantly based on the mentioned factors. 

Two of the most popular text therapy services, BetterHelp and Talkspace, start with plans for $40 to $65 a week, with Talkspace only offering plans per month. Also, make sure you check pricing well before engaging any further as some platforms will charge you a weekly rate, yet still bill monthly. As typically patients pay anywhere from $40 to $150 per in-person therapy session, this is a cheaper alternative. 

That said, you avoid transportation fees and you can text your therapist from any part of the world. When going to in-person therapy, you will need to visit your therapist’s office each time you have a session with them and calculate the time and money you need to get there. 

What are the Benefits of Text Therapy?

There are truly numerous benefits of starting text therapy. Many people will not go to a therapist because they live far from the therapist’s office. Others will be afraid of the intimate environment where they are sharing their emotions and behaviors with a person they don’t know very well. 

Text From Anywhere

With text therapy, you can text your therapist from your home, office, car, public transport, park, or any place on the Earth. As long as you can send the text, your therapist will receive it and respond as soon as possible. Unlike in-person therapy, you don’t have to react to your therapist’s question or opinion right away. You can take some time to think about it and write your answer when it’s most convenient for you. The flexible communication allows for making most of the therapy and truly reminiscing on the process. 

Enjoy the Distance

Another benefit of text therapy is maintaining the distance you are comfortable with. This is particularly beneficial for those who feel awkward or uncomfortable discussing their private matters with others, although they are licensed therapists. Being able to maintain their distance and not having in-person communication with therapists can help them share things they typically wouldn’t share with someone and benefit their healing process that way. 

Save Your Money

Also, money is often an important factor when deciding whether or not to start going to a therapist. Because four times a month can cost you up to $600, you might be more motivated to start text therapy and save your money that way. When compared to in-person therapy, you can save up to even $400, depending on the platform you choose. 

Solve Your Issues ASAP

Let’s say you had a minor stressful situation today and you want to get rid of the stress and the thoughts accompanying it. Typically, you would need to wait until your next session to discuss it with your therapist, yet text therapy allows you to do something about it immediately. You can text your therapist the details of what happened and feel a bit better because you already did something about it.

In Final Words

Tex therapy is an excellent way to incorporate therapy into your daily life. You don’t have to think about leaving your Wednesday afternoon free because you need to go to your therapist’s office. You can simply text them anytime and from anywhere and wait for their reply. Not to mention how much easier and liberating it is to text what you want to share with them, instead of feeling uncomfortable sharing some things. 

Don’t approach these two types of therapy by comparing them. Both in-person and text therapy are a great way to help you feel better in your life and be the person you want to be for yourself and others in your life. After all, therapy is not only reserved for people struggling with mental health conditions, yet for everyone who wants to heal from something that occurred to them or find the best tools to manage their life better. 

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Our team of compassionate, licensed therapists and certified sex therapists help all clients who visit us for a variety of personal, relationship, intimacy and sex problems.

LCAT provides on-site appointments, as well as video chat and text therapy programs.

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Behavioral Telehealth

Behavioral Telehealth

I was so excited to see this article below on the future of therapy in MedCityNews.com. We have already been offering secure video chat and text therapy for several months. Online therapy is great for patients who need convenient and intensive therapy options. Additionally, patients can quickly reference discussions since the the conversations are recorded. Millennials, who do everything on their phones, really like the idea of telehealth.

Telehealth’s emergence as the initial gateway into behavioral health services


While in-person visits with mental health providers won’t go away anytime soon, behavioral telehealth is expected to surge. This is due to younger patients seeking convenient ways to engage with a provider to address mental health problems.

behavioral telehealth

The escalating shortage of behavioral health providers couldn’t have come at a worse time especially for millennials.

Rates of major depression rates soared 31 percent among millennials from 2014 to 2017, according to The Health of Millennials report, also noted increases in substance-use disorders among millennials.

There is a silver lining to the mental health provider shortage, which could positively impact millennials and future healthcare delivery. More patients in the 35-and-under demographic are now using telehealth — or interested in using telehealth — to meet their behavioral health needs.

Forty percent of individuals born between 1981 and 1996 who answered a recent survey said they would regularly use telehealth for behavioral health management. This is higher than any other demographic. Also, millennials are nearly three times as likely to have had a video visit with a doctor compared with other demographics.

If this trend continues, telehealth’s role as a gateway into behavioral health therapy will only deepen. This suggests that there may come a day when the majority of behavioral health encounters are over a virtual connection.

Life Coaching and Therapy (LCAT) is a relationship coaching and sex therapy practice that transforms our clients lives through our flexible, multi-technique approach and pleasure-skills training provided by systemically-trained and licensed therapists! 

Our team of compassionate, licensed therapists and certified sex therapists help Millennials and Baby Boomers alike who visit us for a variety of relationship, intimacy and sex problems. 

LCAT provides on-site appointments, as well as video chat and text therapy programs. For clients hoping to take their intimate lives to the next level through personalized coaching on YOUR terms, learn more about our Text Therapy Program.

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Text Therapy – A New Therapy Method

Text Therapy – A New Solution to Repair Relationships

Text therapy works well for people who are very busy, have social anxiety, or need frequent and faster help.  Additionally, it can be for people who generally prefer text communication.

Text therapy is private, easily accessible, and provides a written record of your most intimate conversations so you have a history right at your fingertips.

Sometimes life gets incredibly difficult and your support system isn’t there when you need it the most. With text therapy, a therapist can be there when you need help more quickly than with traditional on-site appointments, which can be booked up for weeks in advance.

Text therapy is a viable solution that is becoming an increasingly popular method for delivering therapy treatment. Now there are several HIPAA-compliant texting applications available that keep conversations private and secure. Additionally, texting has become a common and accepted method of communication.  

Companies like Betterhelp or TalkSpace have made this alternative therapy method an expansive business as seen in the article: A growing wave of online therapy

Many people feel shame, rejection, or even fear about what others might think, and asking for help in person may add to their anxiety. Text therapy gives you the freedom to pick up your phone and ask for what you need.

On the other hand, there are cases where text therapy is not enough. Some clients need use their body language and vocal tone to effectively communicate with a therapist. They might not be willing to adjust to text therapy. People need in-person psychotherapy or in-person mental health care if they have severe mental health conditions that make them a danger to themselves or others. Text therapy can be an effective supplemental resource for these people, but it is not enough on its own.

text therapy

How Does Text Therapy Work?

It can be your key to change and transform your life by improving your relationships, communications, intimacy and sex life. I have utilized text therapy for years, and it has enabled me to transform my clients’ relationships and improve their confidence.

Here is an example of a text discussion I had recently with a couple – all private health information has been covered:

I have helped a variety of diverse clients work through their problems like affairs, infertility, and self-confidence building. We accomplished this through text therapy, and working as a team!  This form of therapy teaches patience, and gives you time to stop and think about your words, their impact on others, and what you really feel.

I highly recommend this method for those of you who are extra anxious and may suffer from social anxiety. Sometimes it’s easier when you aren’t face-to-face. Text therapy is also very helpful when you are away from home, such as on a vacation, or traveling for work.

Grab your phone and say yes to freedom from time constraints and awkward “how do you feel” questions!

Deep breadth! I know this is a lot to hear. I feel you! Especially with the stress of work, student loans, and intimacy issues, which often happen all at once.

Over the past 10 years as a licensed marriage and family therapist, I have learned that all of us experience patterns of stress and feeling unfulfilled.

“Connection is one of our basic human needs, because it provides us with passion, vitality and wellness.” – Amanda Pasciucco

Let’s get one step closer to success and fulfillment in all aspects of our lives.

Does that sound like a relief? Does it make you as hopeful as it makes me?

We can get through this.

Text therapy techniques have transformed lives and helped my clients with issues such as: eating disorders, sexless marriages, trauma and depression.

There’s a simple method I follow daily with text therapy for clients that are in need of more frequent help. Sometimes texting sessions take five minutes and sometimes they may take an hour.

90-Day Couples Makeover Program

Text therapy practice, along with many other certified sex therapy skills and body exercises, are central to my 90-Day Couples Makeover.

When we finish the 90-Day Couples Makeover program, my clients feel hope and become more confident in their choices.  It is perfect for you if:

  • You are ready for a more balanced personal and professional life
  • Your relationship or other life issues need immediate attention
  • You and your partner are too busy to get to on-site therapy sessions

Are you curious? Would you like to try text therapy?

I personally guarantee your satisfaction with the program, or I will refund your fee.

I utilize a HIPAA-compliant text app so our conversations are private and secure.

This Summer is a Great Time to Work on Your Relationship – For Individuals or Couples!

You better hurry, there are only four spots left in my 90-Day Couples Makeover program for individuals and/or couples over summer.

Please complete our Make an Appointment form, and I am happy to do a free, quick consult call to explain the program and see if we fit together.

Sending you all my love and creative visions!

Live Passionately,


Amanda Pasciucco

LMFT, AASECT Certified Sex Therapist

Founder, Life Coaching & Therapy (LCAT)


At Life Coaching and Therapy (LCAT) we help you get the life you want, and the results you desire related to passion, connection, and growth. Through our flexible, multi-technique approach (DBT, CBT, EMDR) and pleasure skills training (tantra, the science of sex, and sensate focus techniques), we transform our clients lives!

Please learn more about how Life Coaching & Therapy (LCAT) can help improve your relationship and ignite your sex life at What We Do. Call or text us at 203-733-9600, or make an appointment.