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Female Orgasm: Seven Types of Pleasure

Female Orgasm: Seven Types of Pleasure

female orgasm

There are many types of female orgasm, and this post will explain seven ways for females to experience pleasure.

An orgasm is the body's response to receiving sexual stimulation from intimate encounters, caresses or intercourse. Blood accumulates in the genital area during the sexual stimulation process, and it is released when the orgasm contractions occur. Orgasms are accompanied by a series of sensations that produce intense pleasure.


There are three major types of female orgasm: clitoral, vaginal and mixed. The clitoral orgasm is the most common, and seventy-five percent of women need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. Let's review seven types of vaginal orgasms:


Clitoris Orgasm - The Easiest Female Orgasm


This is the most direct approach to achieve a female orgasm thanks to 8,000 nerve endings in the clitoris. The clitoris is an organ designed to give pleasure to women. The sensation is localized, sharp, powerful and has a short duration. Rubbing, oral sex, the use of sex toys or certain postures that favor the friction of the pubis are ways to trigger clitoris stimulation.


Positions that can help with clitoris orgasm:

Vaginal Orgasm


The walls of the vagina have thousands of nerve terminals that require a patient stimulation rhythm to achieve orgasm. Vaginal orgasms are typically more intense than clitoris orgasms.


U-Spot Orgasm


The U spot is located at the entrance to the urethra (located just above the vaginal orifice in the middle of the lips). Many women enjoy a gentle stimulation in this area with fingers and tongue.


Cervical Orgasm


This type of orgasm takes its name from the cervix, which is the female reproductive organ that connects with the uterus. The cervix is three centimeters long and 2.5 centimeters in diameter. First, understand where your cervix is located, and then instruct your partner to massage it with intense strokes. The "doggy style" sex position is good, because penetration is intense and deep.


A-Spot Orgasm


The A-spot orgasm is found in the vagina and creates more intense female orgasms - even multiples! The A spot or Anterior Fornix Erogenous (AFE) zone, was discovered in the 90's by Malaysian doctor, Chua Chee Ann.


It is located above the G spot about 7.5 centimeters from the entrance of the vagina, and on the anterior side, near the cervix.


In addition to exploring your body to find the A spot, try sexual positions with penetration from behind, and the missionary position, but keep the pelvis elevated with a cushion.


G-Spot Orgasm - The Famous Female Orgasm


This is one of the most famous places of the female sexual anatomy. Try the following to find your G spot:

  1. Insert a finger into the vagina.
  2. Feel for the front wall (the side where the navel is located).
  3. Move your finger around until you find a spot that feels different when you press or rub it.
  4. If you feel the urge to urinate, do not be concerned - this is normal and it's a good sign.


The most unique aspect of a G spot orgasm is that it can be accompanied by female ejaculation, which is completely normal. The urethra releases the ejaculation fluid, but it is not urine, it contains prostatic acid phosphatase (PAP).


Multiple Female Orgasms


Multiple orgasms occur when a female climaxes several times during the same sexual session. The female multi-orgasm is an extraordinary experience that every woman should achieve in her lifetime. Unfortunately, there is no special method to experience multiples, but the more you know your body and what you like, the easier it will be to reach sexual nirvana.


A woman's body is a great source of pleasure, and the more you explore by yourself or with your partner, the greater your chances of achieving many types of female orgasm.


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Pleasuring a Woman: What You Should Know Before Having Sex

Pleasuring a Woman: What You Should Know Before Having Sex


What are you up to for Valentine's Day? If you're in for a romantic night, I hope my tips can help you out! No matter what stage of love you're in, it doesn't hurt to make sure you're on the right track in your relationship!


Check out this video!


So you want to please a woman in bed.. The art of pleasuring a woman in bed isn’t easy, especially if you aren’t too educated in female anatomy. That’s the key on how to please a woman in bed or on how to satisfy a woman in bed. How to give pleasure can be mastered with practice!


I will give you my insight as a sex therapist and a woman on how to give pleasure, give women pleasure, that is. Giving her pleasure is important, of course! You’re here because you want to better understand giving her pleasure since you love her. Giving women pleasure is definitely a talent that can be improved on, no worries.  This is what every man needs to know before having sex!



Here in the United States, we tend to associate hourly hotels and motels with prostitution or infidelity. But whether you and your significant other are visiting a cheap roadside inn, a five-star luxury hotel or something in between, there's no doubt that even one night away from home can give your sex life a boost.
"About once a month, one of my clients will tell me that they had 'the best sex' while at a hotel," sex therapist Amanda Pasciucco said. So what is it about hotel sex that makes it so hot?
One factor at play is the novelty aspect. "There's something liberating and decadent about staying in a hotel: a break from the monotony of our daily lives, new surroundings to explore, fine restaurants, high-quality linens, room service, maybe even a spa or hot tub," sex therapist Kimberly Resnick Anderson said. "Research shows that novelty activates the neurochemical dopamine, which stimulates the reward center in the brain and enhances libido."

Playboy article on sexual choking

Sexual choking uncovered in Playboy

Amanda Pasciucco was interviewed for a Playboy magazine article about sexual choking.

So You're Into Choking...

Written by


One of the common questions I’m asked, both as a woman and the Playboy Advisor, goes something like this: “My girlfriend is into choking. What’s up with that?”

As someone who occasionally enjoys a little light gripping of the neck, that question is something worth exploring because, to be honest, I don’t have the answer. In fact, the question alone brings up feelings of internal shame and embarrassment. Is there something wrong with me? I’m not alone in my confusion. As one man told me for this story, “I like choking, but question women who want to be choked too hard. That’s not because I’m judging, but because I wonder why anyone would want to feel like they’re about to die?”

To come to grip with this increasingly popular sex act—which in its varying forms ranges from breathplay to erotic asphyxiation—I decided to speak with six experts on the subject.

One thing that stood out right away is this important warning: Erotic choking is dangerous no matter your level of engagement or expertise. Before we dive into the physiological and psychological factors at play, let’s start with safety.

Across the board, experts urges extreme caution “We get a lot of mixed messages because of the depiction of it in porn,” says certified sex therapist Kimberly Resnick Anderson, “but sexual choking or breath play is really dangerous. Even in the BDSM community, it’s never safe. There is always a lethal risk.” “Because of the risk, the absolute safest way to practice this activity is to keep it as a fantasy,” Heather McPherson, a licensed marriage therapist explains. “Breath play, erotic choking and erotic asphyxiation are generally terms recognized under the umbrella of edgeplay. This type of activity is recognized as high-risk even for experienced individuals.” And clinical sexologist and psychotherapist Kristie Overstreet says, “The only way to ensure safety is to not participate in this at all.”

But if you still insist on experimenting with breath play, certified sex therapist and author Amanda Pasciucco says to “take a class on the subject. Choking is an easy way to have fun and explore with a partner, but there is definitely a safe way and a dangerous way to choke. Whatever you do, do not put pressure on the trachea.”

McPherson advises, “the person performing this activity should be trained in CPR, highly educated in the physiological effects and keenly aware of the risk involved. It’s important to stay attuned to your partner’s responses and to communicate to each other throughout the experience. Discuss all of this long before play takes place and establish a verbal safe word and non-verbal safe action.”

So what exactly is going on physiologically when a person gets choked? Well, you’re literally robbing your brain of oxygen. “This could bring about a lucid, semi-hallucinogenic state. Hypoxia can occur if you reduce oxygen intake or if you reduce blood flow to the brain. It can make a person lightheaded, giddy and can allegedly intensify an orgasm,” explains McPherson. The rush of oxygen after the release of a choke timed with climax can create “a different kind of orgasm that isn’t replicated in vanilla sex or masturbation,” says Overstreet. “The pleasure-seeking center of the brain gets pushed into overdrive during erotic choking. Pushing the limit and walking the thin line between breathing or not breathing can send a powerful surge of endorphins throughout the body.”

The psychological effect of erotic choking is almost more powerful than the physical, although the interplay of sex and death and chemistry is what makes this practice so intoxicating. One man confessed to me, “I’m in to it giving but I hate receiving—talk about control issues.” A woman said, “For me, it gives me the ability to just lose control for a little while. I feel like I’m always in such control of whatever I’m doing it’s nice to be able to release and let someone else have the ability to take over for those few moments.”

This woman’s experience reflects a pattern observed by the experts working with thousands of individuals for decades. “For women who are being choked, it’s liberating to give up control and trust someone with your life,” says Anderson. “For men who enjoy choking it’s about what a woman is willing to let him do and the fact that this woman trusts him with her life. Both sexes get off on getting as close to death as you can—and cheating it.”

“Through my years of experience with my private practice I have learned a great deal about the correlation between one’s sexuality and their beliefs and attitude on death. An example: many individuals who fear death have a fear of sex. One’s own relationship to death is almost always reflected in one’s sexuality. This includes fetishes such as erotic choking,” says Dr. Stephanie Hunter Jones.

”Often, we do things sexually because we know it turns our partner on. That fact in and of itself can be a turn on for us—knowing that we (our bodies) are supplying the pleasure,” says Dr. Debra Laino. “The control of taking someone’s life (breath) away and then giving it back to them is exhilarating for some. For some it is the depth of love making, which includes a different level of trust and intimacy.”

The vast majority of the 30 women I interviewed enjoyed an occasional light erotic choke, but that seems to be the threshold for most women; less than a third of them express an interest in exploring anything beyond that such as ties or a full choke. My girlfriend summed it up in a nutshell when she said, “Powerlessness, trust and pleasure.”

The BDSM community’s mantra is “Safe, Sane and Consensual.” One man broke that down saying, “For me, as an element of a power play, erotic choking can be fun. As someone who is dominant in the bedroom, I can be into choking with a few essential things in mind: a suggestion by my partner that it is desirable; establishment of a safe word and safe action (three taps on my hip or a pillow; and sufficient awareness of human anatomy. Always focus pressure on sides of neck and avoid pressure to trachea.”

It’s the latter that you must take precautions with during breath play. It’s all too easy to accidentally cause real injury while role-playing. In order to avoid injuries and misunderstandings, make sure it’s always consensual; if a man I didn’t know that well started choking me, it would scare the shit out of me.

Make sure you do your homework. Find an expert to teach you the correct way to engage in breath play. Many local sex-toy shops offer classes in various forms of kink and there are many “experts” online—but as you would when shopping for any kind of expertise online, exercise caution and be discerning about whom you might meet in real life.

“This can be a dangerous pleasure. Never use alcohol or drugs when engaging in this play,” says Jones. “Remember, this type of play can become highly addictive and as with all addictions, can leave an individual with a craving of needing more and more to satisfy them.”

But if just reading this piece gives you a half chub, there’s nothing wrong with you. If you want to explore it, that’s perfectly natural, and I highly recommend it—but do so with caution.

Read the article on sexual choking at Playboy Magazine:

Newsweek - Teens having less sex!

Teens today are having less sex! But are researchers asking the right questions?


Some experts, such as Amanda Pasciucco, a certified sex therapist with the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) and author, argue that something far more insidious is driving a decline in sexual intercourse: easy access to free porn. “Now you can just go on your phones,” she says. “It's very easy to just Google something, and it's much easier to have sex with yourself than go through the anxiety of having sex with someone else.”



Thirteen Reasons Why

#thirteenreasonswhy you should see a sex therapist.


  1. Most couples issues are sex related anyway!
  2. Sex is an overlooked source of eating disorder issues.
  3. Because you are embarrassed about your body.
  4. Spruce up your routine sex life with your partner.
  5. To find out what turns you on.
  6. Explore your sensuality and what that means to you.
  7. Find juiciness within your mundane life.
  8. To love how your body looks naked.
  9. Because learning the human anatomy and how it works for pleasure is interesting!
  10. You're not having sex with your partner daily!
  11. To get more powerful and frequent orgasms.
  12. Introduction into alternative lifestyles.
  13. To learn how to become tantric.

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The Joy of Sunshine

The Joy of Sunshine


By Amanda Pasciucco, LMFT, CST


As soon as the sun starts shining, the world gets happier. Recently, it hit 60 degrees in New England, and it seemed like everyone was more cheerful. I noticed more people smiling, individuals being friendly and courteous, and a diminished sense of “rushing” or “urgency” around me. I appreciated the sudden shift in energy and decided to delve into understanding this sunshine shift.


My recent experience. I was blessed with the privilege of retreating to the beach recently. I decided to go on a solo excursion to enjoy the peace of the water and basking in the glorious sunlight. I had my apprehensions before going: the cost of getting in, the crowds who would have the same idea, and my fear of bees swarming. I decided to forget about that and just take time to appreciate the opportunity.


I arrived (there was no cost to enter), I made my way to the beach (there were barely any people around), and I relaxed (only flies… no bees). I looked around and truly appreciated the moment that I was in. I felt so thankful for that moment where the sun was beating on me, I had nothing to do, and I could just enjoy the sights, sounds, and feeling of that moment. This sense of peace stayed with me throughout the entire rest of the day. I never felt so calm and at ease as I did when I made a conscious effort to be mindful and present within the sunlight.


Note to self: get out in the sun more often!


The science behind it. In earlier times, people spent most of their time outdoors and in the sunlight. We know that, now, we spend much more time indoors, thus we refrain from getting the necessary amount of Vitamin D. The importance of this vitamin is to keep our immune systems working hard to fight off infections and to support bone growth. In addition to providing us with Vitamin D, sunlight triggers the circadian rhythms (our awake-to-sleep cycles). When sunlight hits our optic nerves, the brain slows down on its release of melatonin (the hormone responsible for sleep) and increases our serotonin (which is responsible for wakefulness and feelings of happiness). After the sun sets, this cycle reverses. The more sun we get, the more serotonin the brain produces.


Sunlight = Happiness. In addition to the scientific part of it, there is also a psychological factor. We tend to associate sunlight with vacations and tanning with days off from work. This mental state leads to a happier self. Due to both the psychological and scientific aspects, I believe I have my answer as to why the world just seems happier when the sun comes out. Look forward to a summer of friendlier faces.

Sex therapist brings 50 Shades to your bedroom

All you ladies that went to see 50 Shades Darker... guess what? I can bring Christian Grey to your bedroom. Instantly!


  1. Date night - Valentine's Day isn't over... ok, ok... technically, it is for 2017. But don't worry about it. Treat 1 day every two weeks like it's Valentine's Day for your sweetie. Why? Because giving gifts - whether it be yourself or a present - is sexy! Go mark it ok your calendar now. Pick a sexy day for you and your partner every two weeks.
  2. Teach him the ropes - yes, literally ropes. You'll love me for this... learn to tie a square knot. It's easy and it will take you guys to the next level. Link on my YouTube page! Knot Video
  3. Blindfolds - utilize an old shirt, the free blindfolds they give on airplanes, or a scarf and ask him to blindfold you the next time you guys have sex. You will be amazed at how different your thoughts are when you can't see! Trust me... try it.
  4. Use the power of suggestion - each day, use a word such as "pleasure" or "indulge" in your conversations via text or phone. Then when you see him in person, say the word "pleasure" or "indulge" while grabbing his arm or grazing his side.
  5. Sexy stories - Suggest that you write an erotic story together. Once he agrees, you start by writing the first paragraph. Make it a paragraph from a 50 Shades scene! Then tell him when you are done, and he can write a paragraph the next day. This way, you two are learning each other's desires!